Record Covers

  • Dadara- Tiesto for Dance4life
    Tiesto for Dance4life
    CD cover for the anthem for Dance4Life by Tiesto feat Maxi Jazz
  • Dadara- Dadadance
    the Dadadance CD featured a booklet with my artwork and was released in conjunction with a Dadadance program on TMF. It was a shortlived cooperation though. It seemed we had very different goals and artistic views.
  • Dadara- l\'Aldiqua
    l'Aldiqu by Samuele Bersani. Dadara also made a videoclip for the song - lo Scrutatore non Votante - of this album in cooperation with Jesse Limmen.
  • Dadara- Dominica
    Dominica - Gotta let you go. The videoclip for this song was shot in the Reflex Gallery during the No Fun show.
  • Dadara- Conscious Dreams
    Conscious Dreams
    Compilation issued by smart shop Conscious Dreams
  • Dadara- The Best of DImitri and Eric Nouhan
    The Best of DImitri and Eric Nouhan
    A compilation of the best music by Dimitri and Eric Nouhan. Released by Loveland.
  • Dadara- Geendagsvlieg
    Geendagsvlieg by Dutch hip hop pioneers Osdorp Posse. Dadara and OP frontman Def P painted this cover together.
  • Dadara- Revelations
    Revelations 1 & 2. An Outland Records release.
  • Dadara- ID&T Club
    ID&T Club
    ID&T Club Compilation
  • Dadara- People of the World
    People of the World
    Zuhouse Rockers - People of the World. On the Zuhouse Records label.
  • Dadara- Soulful Distortion
    Soulful Distortion
    Soulful Distortion release on Spiritual records.
  • Dadara- International Playboys
    International Playboys
    Last of International Playboys. an Outland Records release
  • Dadara- Power
    Power - Nerio Morales. On the Zuhouse Records label.
  • Dadara- Manjaro
    Manjaro - Trumpetition. An Outland Records release
  • Dadara- TY Holden
    TY Holden
    TY Holden fest Tempo O'Neal on Outland Records
  • Dadara- Hip Hop Fatality
    Hip Hop Fatality
    sleeve for a short-lived restart of Spiritual records ten years after the label went defunct.
  • Dadara- Kinky Bros
    Kinky Bros
    Kinky Bros. an Outland Records release
  • Dadara- Deep Zone
    Deep Zone
    Deep Zone feat Ceybil Jefferies. an Outland Records release