My Bar is Your Bar

  • Dadara- Bartender at Solar
    Bartender at Solar
    Please notice the nice collection of mini-bottles (glued to the shelves, but still people would break in after closing time and steal them. Only to find out they were empty.......)
  • Dadara- Crowded inside
    Crowded inside
    meant originally for an interactive one-on-one experience. But sometimes it was a bit more than one-on-one.......
  • Dadara- Finding the Bar at Night
    Finding the Bar at Night
    At night the lit up sign would guide visitors the way.
  • Dadara- Café Billard
    Café Billard
    And yes some people played billiards inside.
  • Dadara- Leaving Comments
    Leaving Comments
    Everything about the bar was interactive. Visitors would become the bartender, depending on which door they entered and everyone could leave their comment inside the bar, either written on the wall, or on a post-it note.
  • Dadara- Bar at the Solar Festival
    Bar at the Solar Festival
    Please notice the fresh flowers and the nice green grass it's standing on.
  • Dadara- Bar at Solar Festival
    Bar at Solar Festival
    First time it was used was at the Solar Festival. The next day it wouldn't look so clean anymore.