• Dadara- Fysche
    A novel by Fysche : Tails Swimming both ways. Bookcover and illustrations inside by Dadara. Published by German Lautsprecher Verlag.
  • Dadara- Jamby interface
    Jamby interface
    interface created for Faeryland, a platform developed by Jamby ( Just Anarchy Made By You ) for a system in which everybody could start their own TV Channel and upload content. It didn't work and the company went bankrupt. Youtube did a more successful job a few years later.......
  • Dadara- Martijn Oosterhuis
    Martijn Oosterhuis
    Poster for a theater show by comedian Martijn Oosterhuis
  • Dadara- Art Bag
    Art Bag
    Design for an artbag for Stop Aids Now.
  • Dadara- Mysteryland Poster
    Mysteryland Poster
    Poster for the Mysteryland festival. I also designed the festival map that year.
  • Dadara- Mysteryland Festivalmap
    Mysteryland Festivalmap
    Map of the Mysteryland festival grounds. I also designed their posters and flyers that year
  • Dadara- SIGACT logo
    SIGACT logo
  • Dadara- 100 years of house
    100 years of house
    illustration for SLAM magazine
  • Dadara- Phone Card
    Phone Card
    phone card for the KPN. Part of a series of five, depicting youth cultures. This one represented house music.
  • Dadara- Club Guide
    Club Guide
  • Dadara- Expo 2000
    Expo 2000
    I was nominated as one of the artists to design a logo for the Expo 2000 in Hannover. Mariscals logo won. A chapter on my work and the logo is featured in the book: Kleine Helden - Little Heroes, published for the Expo.
  • Dadara- Absolut Dadara
    Absolut Dadara
    absolut Dadara designed originally for the American Spanish language magazine Vanidad.
  • Dadara- God was an Alien
    God was an Alien
    logo for smartdrugs
  • Dadara- Greenpeace logo
    Greenpeace logo
    After some controversy regarding the aggressive nature of the other logo with the gun, I designed a new logo for the Greenpeace campaign
  • Dadara- Greenpeace
    Image from a campaign and line of merchandise designed for Greenpeace.
  • Dadara- Waterschimmen
    character design and artdirection for an animated soap series on the internet. Made by the Dutch governement to raise awareness about issues concerning water usage.
  • Dadara- WEDA magazine cover
    WEDA magazine cover