• Dadara- Dadadisco
    flyer for party in Tokyo in 1995
  • Dadara- Sinners 2000
    Sinners 2000
  • Dadara- Work in Progress
    Work in Progress
  • Dadara- NOH Club
    NOH Club
    Flyer for the NOH Club parties in Dusseldorf. Dadara would do live paintings at the NOH events in 1994, 1998, 2004 and 2009.
  • Dadara- P.O.S.
    organized by Piste de Danse, Silly Symphonies and Outland Records in 1992
  • Dadara- Dadaradio 94
    Dadaradio 94
    Flyer for openingsparty of Radiostation 2019 in Istanbul
  • Dadara- Lunacy 1995
    Lunacy 1995
    Party in Paris
  • Dadara- Sexy Symphonies
    Sexy Symphonies
    one of many flyers made for Silly Symphonies
  • Dadara- OXA afterhours 1994
    OXA afterhours 1994
    Flyer for the OXA afterhours club in Zurich
  • Dadara- Weird Party Animals
    Weird Party Animals
    First flyer design for Outland Records.
  • Dadara- Comic Inferno
    Comic Inferno
    1992. A party organized by Dadara and friends in Artis.