Transformoney Tree

  • Dadara-
    The Transformoney Tree got covered with real banknotes during the week at the Burning Man Festival
  • Dadara- First Day
    First Day
    Getting ready to collect more banknotes.
  • Dadara- Almost there
    Almost there
    Lots of stress after our pick-up truck broke down in the middle of the nigth in the middle of nowhere and the Transformonry Tree was sitting on a trailer on the roadside less than 20 miles from the desert :-( Too many problems to write down in this small box, but.......good news is we finally arrived and put the tree in its right spot with a crane just before a white-out.
  • Dadara- Transformoney Tree on magic canvas
    Transformoney Tree on magic canvas
    Even though a lot of people think this image is Photoshopped, it is not - this Dream is Real!