Statue of no Liberty

  • Dadara- Statue of No Liberty
    Statue of No Liberty
    In front of the Rijksmuseum
  • Dadara- Statue in front of ID&T
    Statue in front of ID&T
    after standing almost 3 years in front of the Rijksmuseum, ID&T bought the statue, which is now standing in front of their office, behind bars....
  • Dadara- Statue in snow
    Statue in snow
    grey and white
  • Dadara- Grey Transport
    Grey Transport
  • Dadara- Styrofoam Flame
    Styrofoam Flame
    Dok van Winsen is holding up the flame model to test if the size is right. The model of the flame is cut out of styrofoam with will be used to make the mold for the bronze flame.
  • Dadara- Adding concrete
    Adding concrete
    covering the mesh frame with concrete
  • Dadara- Metal structure with mesh
    Metal structure with mesh
    The basic metal structure is now filled with mesh
  • Dadara- Outline
    the basic form was made out of metal bent in shape
  • Dadara- Start Building
    Start Building
    the outline of the greyman's feet