• Dadara- Error
    Your brain is shutting down. Please restart.
  • Dadara- Fertility
  • Dadara- Twin Eyed
    Twin Eyed
    Sculpted and painted in Senegal in cooperation with local woodcarvers.
  • Dadara- Push the Button
    Push the Button
    acrylic on mask
  • Dadara- Pregnant
  • Dadara- Roughly carved beginning
    Roughly carved beginning
    the first stage of the sculpture finished. Next stage is adding details and painting.
  • Dadara- Empty Headed
    Empty Headed
    Painted wood. Made in Jenne, Senegal.
  • Dadara- In Me We Trust
    In Me We Trust
    painted African sculpture
  • Dadara- Brainchild
    Sculpture carved and painted in Senegal.
  • Dadara- Everything under Control
    Everything under Control
  • Dadara- Painter Mask
    Painter Mask
    the brushes used in the mask are the ones used to paint the sculpture.
  • Dadara- Master of the Universe
    Master of the Universe
    Made in Jenne, Senegal, in cooperation with local woodcarvers. 1.6 meters high.
  • Dadara- Talkin\' to Me ?
    Talkin\' to Me ?
  • Dadara- Where is my Mind ?
    Where is my Mind ?
  • Dadara- Wor$hip
    painted wood. existing mask modified and painted.
  • Dadara- Working on the sculptures
    Working on the sculptures
    Work on an existing sculpture that's being altered.