Like 4 Real

  • Dadara- Like Funeral
    Like Funeral
    The Like was buried during a funeral ceremony in the Paradiso in Amsterdam, with a choir, and reverend Eddy Reefhuis of the Oude Kerk
  • Dadara- Like 4 Real on Oerol
    Like 4 Real on Oerol
    Like 4 Real led to ten sold-out shows in the forest on the island of Terschelling during the Oerol festival. Photo by Studio Breed
  • Dadara- Like 4 Real in cooperation with ISH
    Like 4 Real in cooperation with ISH
    In collaboration with cross over dance company ISH Like 4 Real was turned into a theatre play at the Oerol festival and at Dutch theaters. Photo by Studio Breed
  • Dadara- Burning Like Tribe
    Burning Like Tribe
  • Dadara- Burning Like
    Burning Like
    Taking the Like from its virtual realm and giving it back to its virtual reality......
  • Dadara- Kumare
    Kumaré is a feature documentary film about the time filmmaker Vikram Gandhi impersonated a fake guru and built a following of real people. It is an amazing movie, and needless to say we were very proud and happy that he helped us guide people on their Path towards Spiritual Enlikement.....
  • Dadara- Stairs towards Enlikement
    Stairs towards Enlikement
  • Dadara- Like in the Dust
    Like in the Dust
  • Dadara- Thumb Performance
    Thumb Performance
  • Dadara- Liketop
    Take the Red Like or take the Blue Like
  • Dadara- Building last stage
    Building last stage
  • Dadara- Building in the desert
    Building in the desert