Totem with Kham Ai

  • Dadara- full color
    full color
    I did not want to bore you with pics of me painting. You all know how that looks.
  • Dadara- Small Totem
    Small Totem
    A cast was made using the small scale model and a series of small totems was poured out of resin and handpainted
  • Dadara- Add-ons
    Since a tree only has a certain width, unless you are using a 3000 years old Sequoia, all the pieces sticking out as tongues, wings etc needed to be glued on to the main totem.
  • Dadara- Chainsaw
    Using only a chisel and hammer would take years......
  • Dadara- Kham Ai
    Kham Ai
    Posing next to the nearly finished totem. Ready to add extra pieces of wood for details as wings, tongues etc
  • Dadara- The big log waiting to get shaped
    The big log waiting to get shaped
    The bigger the totem, the bigger the drawing.
  • Dadara- Start of the big totem
    Start of the big totem
    Drawing outlines on the piece of wood, then carving, then more drawing, then more carving etc till the final form got nailed down.
  • Dadara- Working on the model
    Working on the model
    In my old studio in Amsterdam.
  • Dadara- Making the model
    Making the model
    First we decided to make a small wooden model based on the drawing to see how it would work spatially and solve any design problems on this small scale.