Greyman Sculptures

  • Dadara- Grey Punk
    Grey Punk
    I kept this one for my private collection. It's nice to have a sculpture in my studio that says : Dadara sucks !
  • Dadara- Grey Clown
    Grey Clown
  • Dadara- Brainplant
  • Dadara- Grey Tattoo
    Grey Tattoo
  • Dadara- Grey Machine
    Grey Machine
    made in cooperation with Eibert Draaisma
  • Dadara- Virtually Grey
    Virtually Grey
  • Dadara- Grey Brands
    Grey Brands
    All lost in the supermarket, I can no longer shop happily. I came in here for this special offer: guaranteed personality. (Lost in the Supermarket - The Clash)
  • Dadara- X-rated
  • Dadara- Greybunny
  • Dadara- Grey Smiley
    Grey Smiley
    photographed in front of the Roxy.
  • Dadara- Grey Moneyman
    Grey Moneyman
  • Dadara- Grey Angel
    Grey Angel