Exchanghibition Bank

  • Dadara- Oerol festival Midsland
    Oerol festival Midsland
  • Dadara-
  • Dadara- Oerol festival
    Oerol festival
  • Dadara- ABN AMRO Bank
    ABN AMRO Bank
  • Dadara- Stedelijk Museum
    Stedelijk Museum
  • Dadara- Boomfestival
    At the Boomfestival in Portugal in 2012. Exchanging money, ideas, inspiration, and love, and collecting money-turned-into-art for the Transformoney Tree at Burning Man.
  • Dadara- Boijmans Museum
    Boijmans Museum
    At the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam 2013
  • Dadara- Glastonbury
    Exchanghibition Bank at Glastonbury Festival 2013
  • Dadara- Bank at Central Station
    Bank at Central Station
    Exchanghibition Bank at Central Station Amsterdam
  • Dadara- Bank at Burning Man
    Bank at Burning Man
    Bank booth at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, where people could get a Zero banknote in return for signing a Spiritual Karma Laundering Contract
  • Dadara- Palais Paradiso
    Palais Paradiso
    First performance of the bank at the yearly art night of Paradiso in Amsterdam - Palais Paradiso. Photo by Paul Vlaar/
  • Dadara- Portrait with Money and Pool
    Portrait with Money and Pool
    Suit designed by Thera Hillenaar. Original paintings of the Zero banknote and the model of the Pool of Plenty.