Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia

  • Dadara- Checkpoint in Dust Storm
    Checkpoint in Dust Storm
  • Dadara- Dreamyourtopia in the dust
    Dreamyourtopia in the dust
    The sand storms in the desert are tough on your lungs but form great backdrops for photographs.
  • Dadara- Dream Currency
    Dream Currency
    money alone won't make dreams come true, but it sure helps!
  • Dadara- Dream Passports
    Dream Passports
    Passport to enter your own Dreams, stamped with the right visa.
  • Dadara- Dreamyourtopia border patrol car
    Dreamyourtopia border patrol car
    My daily car during 8 months as an artist in residence at Centraltrak in Dallas, Texas. Also took part in the Houston art car parade. Was used in the desert to randomly arrest people.
  • Dadara- the vas desert
    the vas desert
    no matter how big you build something. The giant dimensions of the desert as a blank canvas makes anything tiny. You can't compete with nature.
  • Dadara- Checkpoint detail
    Checkpoint detail
    At Burning Man no barb wire was allowed, so we needed to have fake one made out of rubber.
  • Dadara- Inside the compound
    Inside the compound
    waiting to be interrogated
  • Dadara- Checkpoint evening
    Checkpoint evening
    Also at night a bike comes in handy to enter your dreams.
  • Dadara- Department of Dreamland Security
    Department of Dreamland Security
    The logo of the Department of Dreamland Security who run the checkpoint.
  • Dadara- Checkpoint Bikes
    Checkpoint Bikes
    Crossing the border to your dreams seems easier by bike.
  • Dadara- Lights Working
    Lights Working
  • Dadara- Almost Ready
    Almost Ready
    The doors of the Checkpoint are almost about the open and the Department of Dreamland Security can start beginning their work.
  • Dadara- Building the Watchtower
    Building the Watchtower
  • Dadara- Building in full progress
    Building in full progress
  • Dadara- Building the Skull
    Building the Skull
  • Dadara- Dreamyourtopia Construction Begins
    Dreamyourtopia Construction Begins
    The first part of the skull. and of course lots of pink brain parts lying around.
  • Dadara- Unloading skull parts in the desert
    Unloading skull parts in the desert
    Bringing some color to the Black Rock Desert.
  • Dadara- Painting Brain Parts in Dallas
    Painting Brain Parts in Dallas
    In my studio at Centraltrak, the University of Texas at Dallas artist residency, where I stayed for 8 month in 2008-2009
  • Dadara- Brain jester and car
    Brain jester and car
    Both car and head of the Department of Dreamland security are still squeaky clean. This would change quickly after the first sandstorm in the desert.....
  • Dadara- Painting brain parts in new mexico
    Painting brain parts in new mexico
    In the studio of George Heidweiller, preparing for the journey to Nevada.
  • Dadara- Artist view
    Artist view
    Photoshopping the scale model into the desert and seeing how the contrast between soldiers and naked painted hippies on bikes will work.
  • Dadara- Scale Model
    Scale Model
    The second stage was building a scale model
  • Dadara- First sketch
    First sketch
    The first drawing of Dreamyourtopia.