dadara's latest news Latest news about artist dadara 2018 - Life Inside a Pixel - Expo 13th of October My new show at KochxBos gallery based on my experiences locked up inside a big black box in the Nevada desert. 2014 - 24Hourtopia 24 hours on the 21st of February 2013 - Like 4 Real at Burning Man Like 4 Real will be my 6th art installation on the Playa, after the Fools Ark(2002), Burning Greymen (2003), Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia (2008), Exchanghibition Bank (2011), and Transformoney Tree (2012). The Like4Real project brings human interaction and human relations back to where they belong, from its virtual realm to its natural reality. 2013 - Exchanghibition Bank in Berlin Lots of Art as Money events in Berlin this week: On the 17th of April I will give a talk, we will show the "Transformoney 2.0" documentary about money and the Transformoney Tree at Burningman, and the Exchanghibition Bank will pop up at Betahaus Berlin. More info here and Facebook event here. 2013 - Love as the Root of all Money? We all have heard that: “Money is the Root of all Evil”. In fact, this phrase has its origins in the Bible, which says: “For the Love of Money is the Root of all Evil.” Somehow Love vanished with the passage of time. But what would happen if Love would return to the equation, and we would start asking ourselves: “What is the Root of All Money?” Wouldn’t Love be a great answer?! 2012 - Exchanghibition Bank in Boijmans Museum - 17th of Nov On the 17th of November the Exchanghibition Bank will pop up inside the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam. Not only will you get the chance to exchange your money for our banknotes, but there will also be a round table discussion about our changing economy and society. The discussion will be in Dutch. 2012 - Pecha Kucha at Stedelijk - 13th of Sept The Stedelijk Museum and PechaKucha Amsterdam proudly present a special edition of the PechaKucha Night on the museum of the future and more! 2012 - Back from Burning Man Just got back from an amazing adventure in the Nevada desert. 2012 - Transformoney 2.0 Expo June 23rd - August 4th Exhibition with banknote- and moneypaintings, objects, and drawings from the Art as Money and Exchanghibition Bank project. Also the first showing in public of the Transformoney Tree model, which will grow to become a big tree in the Nevada desert, and you can help by bringing a customized banknote to the opening. The coolest banknote will win a limited edition banknote print - these prints will be introduced for the first time at the opening! 2012 - Transformoney Tree The Transformoney Tree will be the next stage of our Art as Money project, and the follow-up to the Exchanghibition Bank installation on the Playa in 2011. It will again deal with the value(s) of Money and Art in that vast moneyless desert. And we will need your help! We won’t need money, but we will need lots and lots of one-dollar bills……..Does this sound a bit cryptic? Please read on and we will try to show, explain, and hopefully get you involved! 2011 - Art As Money Festival 9th of Feburary 2012 A festive seminar meant to Educate and Inspire and bring together the worlds of Art and Money and maybe adding a bit more Love to that love-hate relationship. The festival will take place on the 9th of February 2012 in the Trouw in Amsterdam. Early Bird tickets for only 20 Euros can be obtained HERE 2011 - Article in Volkskrant 20th of September Interview about the Exchanghibition Bank project at the Burning Man festival and the future plans. 2011 - Indiegogo Fundraising page for Burning Man After all the performances of the Exchanghibition Bank it is now time to cross the Oceans and move our operations to the Nevada desert and Burning Man! Unfortunately our Millions and Zeros and Infinites are not accepted by the shipping companies, so we do need those 'real' banknotes as well. 2011 - Dadara and Larry Harvey - 16th of June Thursday the 16th of June Dadara will officially present the first Infinite banknote, with number EB-I-0000001, to Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man, in the Magna Plaza Shopping Center in Amsterdam. 2011 - Closing/finissage of Exhibition - 6th of May All good things come to an end. On the 6th of May the official closing / finissage of the 'Last Train to the Inevitable Beyond' exhibition will take place. 2011 - Exchanghibition Bank at Amsterdam Central Station - 17th of April Exchange your Euro$ for Exchanghibition Banknotes in the Main Hall of the Central Station in Amsterdam. 2011 - Exchanghibition Bank at Palais Paradiso 7th of April On Thursday the 7th of April the Exchanghibition Bank will be part of Palais Paradiso, the yearly art night of Paradiso in Amsterdam. 2011 - Expo: Last Train to the Inevitable Beyond April 2nd - May 6th Dadara's new exhbition 'Last Train to the Inevitable Beyond' runs from the 2nd of April till the 6th of May at Famous, Keizersgracht 471 in Amsterdam. With large (1.20 x 1.20m ) paintings from the Inevitable Beyond series and the originals of the banknotes of the Exchanghibition Bank. 2011 - Talk at 'Kom je Ook?' on the 10th of March'Kom-je-Ook?'-on-the-10th-of-March Dadara will give a talk about art and money at this edition of 'Kom je Ook?' 2011 - Video of Pecha Kucha talk A video of my talk on the 19th of January about the project(s) at the Pecha Kucha evening in Amsterdam. 6 minutes of video which explains more about the project than a thousand words can.